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Too often in life we get caught up in the feelings and emotions of others. We allow our external circumstances to impact our mood and overall feelings of joy. What if a shift in perspective could help unlock the path to joy? What if you could choose how you want to feel as opposed to simply reacting to the reality that surrounds you?

We can change the lens with which we view the world, and, as a result, our world will begin to change.

In The Path to Joy, Melissa Bloom discusses just that transformation. She helps readers understand the basics of joy, how balance in our body affects our emotions, the concept of energy, and how to find individual alignment to invite more joy into our lives.

With easy to understand terms and simple suggestions, she offers a roadmap for us all to embrace our own paths to joy. In finding more joy, we can create the life we love living.

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Praise for The Path to Joy

An extraordinary guide to living life with joy. Melissa shares her map of how to connect our mind, and body to become our best self through finding happiness. This book is going to stay on my nightstand.

Nancy M. SchwartzAuthor of Up Not Down Syndrome: Uplifting Lessons From Raising A Son With Trisomy 21

Easy to read, down to earth, completely practical guide to realizing and tapping into the joy that is already within you!

Kileann JunkerHost of Rebelliously Happy Podcast In My Truck

The Path to Joy shows how eating, sleep, exercise, play and even self-talk can either bolster our joy or work to further erode it. Too many people believe if only ____ would happen, then they'd find joy. In reality, they can have joy that is entirely independent of external circumstances or the actions of other people.

Melissa's book will open your eyes to how making some rather simple changes can have a lasting influence on your physical, mental and emotional state so that you can truly find and remain on the path to joy.

Greg GerberAuthor of Restore Joy to Your Life: 28 Suggestions for Renewing Your Mind

The Path to Joy is an inspirational journey to discovering fulfillment through living in awareness and seeking joy in one’s being.
Melissa’s writing is a rhythmic flow, easing the reader into a world of hope and magnificent possibilities.

Kacy PanfilCo-host of 5 Mountain Adventures Podcast

The Path To Joy takes a radical step beyond usual self-help advice by offering a unique blending of physical science, psychology and spirituality. Through story and practice, readers discover how to navigate towards body-mind balance and experience alignment or “greenlight”—an inner GPS to creating the life you love living.

Cara BradleyBody-mind expert and author of On The Verge: Wake up, Show up and Shine

Who doesn’t need more joy in their lives?

In The Path to Joy, Melissa Bloom shows us what is keeping us from joy and lays out a blueprint for how we can get it back.

Through detailed research, great storytelling and even some humor, Bloom’s book will open your eyes to not only what might be holding you back but it will inform, educate and inspire you to get that joy back into your life!

Vincent PuglieseAuthor of The Wealth of Connection

The Path to Joy was an empowering read. Here, Melissa blends her background in science and shares her own personal journey to help others unlock a greater level of joy in life. With this road map, it's easy to take the information she lays out and pull the curtain to enter a new phase of conscious fulfillment.

M.J.JamesAuthor of Rest and Renew: a 30 Day Journey to Connect with God

The Path to Joy is a fascinating read, while being educational and practical. I really appreciate the mindset sections because for many this might be our first interaction with this content and it can seem a bit complex and unrealistic. With each chapter I had more questions only to have them answered in the next section. Melissa does a fantastic job connecting the intricate pieces into an educational and joy-filled read.

Heidi DusekAuthor of Beyond Normal: a field guide to embrace adventure, explore the wilderness, and design an extraordinary life with kids
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