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I help my clients acquire a new perspective with which to view their lives.

There is a sharp contrast between a long life and one lived well. What would it feel like to ‘lift the veil’ and perceive the world in a new, vivid way? To live with more joy and eliminate worry, overwhelm and boredom? To explore your potential and feel a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world around you and your experience in it?

I use my background in molecular biology, clinical trials, and yoga to focus on the new frontier — the brain. Together, we create new patterns in your brain allowing you to feel more joy and see the potential that surrounds you.

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We are an ecosystem within an ecosystem. Since humans have walked the planet, we have always had a symbiotic relationship with microbes. The majority of these microbes (95%) reside in our large intestines – thus when we refer to our microbiome, we are often referring to our gut microbiome. It’s difficult to appreciate the magnitude and power of our microbiome. In terms of human versus microbial cells, we are perhaps 10% human; in terms of genetic material, we are probably less than 1% human. The science of the gut microbiome is a way to achieve physiological balance; the gateway to clarity and joy.

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