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Find a new perspective on life

What would it feel like to “lift the veil” and perceive your world in a vibrant, new way? The ‘nuts and bolts’ of your life do not have to change in order to feel radically different about your life.

Perceive your world in a vivid, new way!

We are accustomed to basing our feelings on the conditions and people around us. But that makes how we feel so variable – at the whim of our changing environment.

This doesn’t have to be our reality.

The key to unlocking more joy is to find your own alignment. Alignment is a sense of being centered and grounded. It’s a feeling place. Some people feel more clear, trusting, and knowing. Some feel more loving and compassionate. Others feel a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Finding alignment is an inside job. You don’t need your conditions or environment to change in order to change how you feel in your life. Once you tap into alignment, you can begin to create the reality you want.

Be at the helm and chart your life’s course

Together, we can create new patterns of thought that will allow you to choose your emotions rather than simply reacting to what is around you. When you learn how to be at the helm of your thoughts and emotions rather than at the mercy of them, you are in a position to change your life. It is from this powerfully aligned place that you can better identify clear intentions and desires and allow them to unfold in your life.

You can create your reality.

The Science of Feeling Alive

How do you find alignment? How do you start to move your ‘joy’ needle up? There are two pieces to this alignment equation — your body and your mind.

The physiology of joy

I refer to the body part of the equation as the physiology of joy. The physiology of joy is understanding how balance in the body improves your emotions and makes it much easier to focus on the second piece of the equation: your mind.

A key component to balance in your body is the connection between your brain and your gut (aka your second brain). For more on the gut/brain connection:


The Process

Your path to alignment and more joy starts with awareness. I like to use the analogy of a bathroom renovation. Imagine you have an old bathroom, and you know it needs a major overhaul. The old wallpaper probably needs to be torn out, the grout needs to be redone, you may even need to re-tile the whole thing. But the light is out. How do you know exactly what to fix or work on if you can’t even see it? Let’s turn on the light.

Learn more about the details of how we shed light on old patterns of thought and how we can create new ones here.

The Process

Aligned Life Community

Not sure if 1:1 coaching is for you? Like the idea of an interactive support system? Check out, Aligned Life, an energy-focused membership community. This is a private, members-only group of loving, supportive people who are on a journey to find more joy and be at the helm of creating a life they love. Plug in once a week and allow your energy to rise and reset.

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Melissa Bloom

  • MA in Biotechnology, University of Pennsylvania
  • Clinical Research Coordinator, Jefferson Headache Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • 200hr RYT Verge Yoga Center, Wayne, PA