There is a sharp contrast between a long life and one lived well. What would it feel like to perceive your world in a new, vivid way?

I use my background in molecular biology, clinical trials, and yoga to focus on the new frontier — the brain.

There are many ways to access a place of feeling truly alive. I focus on the gut microbiome (the master conductor regulating all major bodily systems) and its connection to the brain. I am a proponent of holistic, plant-based supplementation to help rebuild our microbial ecosystem and reduce neuroinflammation.

Other lifestyle pillars play a big role in this body/brain equation: circadian rhythms and sleep, time spent in nature, movement, and nutrition as well as how you begin and spend your day.

Finally there is the mindset piece: neuroplasticity. What synaptic patterns have you traveled over for years that can be re-wired to open up possibility and potential?

The Process

I work with clients to find the best pace for change. I want everyone to feel at ease as we embark on our journey. There are no predetermined programs, only individualized plans. If you have the power to control your thoughts, then you have the power to be at the helm of your emotions. This is when you start to feel more alive and unlock your purpose. You’ll learn that happiness is not conditional upon the circumstances around us.

Our time together will feel vulnerable and require you to suspend your beliefs; to be willing to push off the shore and swim in new waters. I’ve often navigated these new waters. I’ll be your guide and companion throughout the entire journey; you don’t have to go it alone.

I see all clients virtually and am flexible as to the duration and frequency of our sessions. This allows us to explore your individual needs during our time together.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I founded an alignment/mindset community called Aligned Life. This is a private, members-only community that helps you tap into your internal guidance system and reframe the experiences in your life. This community will help you find your energetic alignment, so that your life is filled with more ease and joy, less effort and resistance.

Our work together should feel comfortable and fun, never like work. It’s not too late; everyone has the capacity to change at any time.

Melissa Bloom

  • MA in Biotechnology, University of Pennsylvania
  • Clinical Research Coordinator, Jefferson Headache Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • 200hr RYT Verge Yoga Center, Wayne, PA