Aligned Life

Aligned Life is an energetic alignment community. The purpose of this community is to help build the life we really want to live. The essential tenet of Aligned Life is that we are energetic beings. Scientific research is beginning to understand that, in its most basic form, matter is energy (happy to recommend reading on this subject!). Our energy determines what (people, circumstances, things, etc…) we attract. When we pay attention to and prioritize how we feel, our internal guidance system is activated, we are in the receptive mode, and the next right step to take becomes clear.

In this community we tap into excitement and curiosity about the journey ahead: the mindset of ‘I don’t know who I’m going to meet along this circuitous journey of life, but I’m excited!’ When we remove some of the effort and resistance that we feel is a necessary part of modern life, the ’just get it done’ attitude, we learn to stop paddling upstream and drop the oars so the current can take us downstream.

What is Involved?

During live (virtual) weekly community meetings, we will:

  •  Unpack our week and reframe our experiences
  •  Understand and de-mystify manifestations and how to create intentionally
  •  Discuss the benefits and insights of resistance
  •  Learn how to shift states and tap into our internal guidance system
  •  Work on unconditional alignment, and more!

Aligned Life also engages members on a social platform so we can connect daily and keep the principles of energetic alignment in our thoughts as we journey through the day.

If you are curious about being part of Aligned Life, please reach out

Reach Out

To protect the energy and integrity of this community, a pre-entry interview is required.