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Aligned Life

JOIN the Community to help you CREATE the Life you LOVE Living

Aligned Life is a private community of supportive people who are on a journey to find more joy and be at the helm of creating a life they love! Our community revolves around an atmosphere of love, respect, appreciation, kindness, and compassion. The more we access these emotions, the more they are reflected in our human experience.

  • Learn about energy and how to feel inspired
  • Learn how to attract and reflect out what you wish to receive
  • Align your thoughts to deliberately create in your life
  • Spend time with joyous people who enjoy helping others live the same

What do we talk about??

Although each week is a bit different, here is a sampling of topics we touch on during our Wednesday calls:

  • Tools to raise your energy
  • Find alignment even when around difficult & negative people
  • Learn how to intentionally create & de-mystify your life
  • Identify limiting beliefs & ‘unlearn’ them
  • Gain clarity on what you really want in your life
  • Balancing the shift into inspiration versus motivation
  • Learn what your point of attraction is

On Monday a topic will be shared in the private Facebook group.

Join us virtually on Wednesday’s at 12:00 EST for discussion.

Ask questions, share stories and celebrate achievements. A new mini assignment or tool will be given to aid you through the next week. Laugh, cry, and have fun as we collectively experience our energy shift.

This community is LOVE

The truth is, I love this community. As the facilitator I am constantly growing and remain motivated by the new things discussed. When our thoughts and emotions shift, our world changes.

If you are curious about being part of the Aligned Life Community, send me an email and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Let's Chat

If you want to start on your journey now, I’m happy to send you my FREE workbook Your Daily Guide to Finding More Joy. Provide your email and you’ll receive your FREE downloadable 30-day guide.

You can also check out my book The Path to Joy here.

What members are saying

Melissa is the kind of gardener present to the unique and whole life in front of her - she nurtures in a way that unifies body, mind, spirit and heart. Her suggestions are always very specific, and, yet, there's a sense of sureness to all of them. Melissa brings ease to the process - so that what was once struggle feels like hope manifesting.


Since starting this (group), I have slept better, I go through my day with less anxiety and my design presentations have truly kicked ass. I have had job opportunities come my way ever since I began the meditation. And suddenly, things that I may have been blind too all now seem like solutions. Just our one small talk has been INVALUABLE to shifting my energy and I can feel myself in a stronger vibration and am committed to working on that more.


You know when you train for physical strength, most trainers take you to your core? It’s the center of strength of your body. And the purpose of building that is to balance every other muscle group in your body so you can physically live healthily and fully. Well, Melissa, does this with our mind and spirit health. She is helping me build my ‘self’ core so that I can create life balance and be the person that I love and want to be in my life and can calmly bring goodness, kindness and love to everything I do and to then be able to share that fully.

Mary Lou

Aligned life opens up a safe and inspiring community for spiritual growth and connection to growth in oneself. My participation in the group has opened up new perspectives and solutions to release generational blockages and really gain momentum forward towards my trueself.


I cannot speak highly enough of Melissa Bloom! She is so calm and comfy and soothing, a breath of fresh air. She, along with this group, have helped me tap into a realm I didn’t realize even existed for me, from within me. I am wallowing in gratitude of how I have been able to stay on this “11th cloud”, that I didn’t realize I had control over! My vibration remains high!


Melissa Bloom is exactly what I have always needed in my life! She is an incredibly intuitive, sincere, and authentic human being. She is wise well beyond her years. Just being in her mere presence is enough to help you find your center and worth. I highly recommend getting in touch with Melissa Bloom if you are seeking a unique alliance with your truth.


Melissa Bloom is a wonderful soul who is love and instant comfort to all she encounters! She’s intelligent, articulate, and so very selflessly willing to help others. She’s a breath of fresh air in this world, and knowing her quickly became an honor for me.

Melissa V